35mm Mounted Slide Transfers to Digital Files

2"x2" mounted slides can be scanned up to 3600dpi to .jpeg or .tiff files by using a professional slide
scanner. Depending on your request and how your digital files will be used, a
photomontage style DVD can be created from your images with added background music. Or
if you're looking for digital images that you can edit, manipulate, view on your own computer
and print, we will create a DATA DVD or CD-R of all your images.
Or purchase BOTH!

Either way you choose, all your slides will be dusted for lint and hairs before being scanned
for your project. Prices vary greatly depending on your project needs and quantity of slides, but we do offer
discounts for large slide collections over 500 and 1,000 pieces.

Please call or email for pricing consultation.
Scans start at just $0.35 each for 600dpi.

Here are a few examples of 3600dpi scans.
From these files, you can print photos up to
8" x 12" at 400dpi, or 11" x 16" at 300dpi.