Stage Performances, Dance Recitals, Band Gigs, School Concerts, &
Lip-Sync Style Music Video Prices

Receive 1 Master Video Edit on DVD

Prices reflect SD - 16:9 or 4:3.
If you want an HD recording, please call for our current pricing.

Prices are based on a consecutive 2 Hour SD Recording

1 Cameraman with 1 Camera $250
1 Cameraman with 2 Cameras $300
2 Cameramen with 2 Cameras $450
The addition of a stationary camera(s) adds variety to the video with
different camera angles: great for "hard-to-reach" locations like
above the drum riser.
3rd Camera add another $50
4th Camera add another $50

Be sure to look at our DEMO page for all kind of examples.