Our photomontage videos are created on professional editing software which is
much more sophisticated than your average "power point presentation".

The video will highlight your photos by subtle and precise zoom-ins and
zoom-outs on the photographs throughout the entire presentation.
Vertical photos are cropped when possible to fill as much of the
TV screen as possible, but some vertical photos will have a border on the left and
right when necessary and will not fill the screen. 
Photomontages are usually produced in 4:3 aspect which is closer to the original photograph
dimensions than 16:9 aspect. But if you prefer 16:9, we can accommodate, but be advised
that there may be  lot of dead space on the screen due to photos not shaped
correctly. All sized photos up to 8x10 and 2x2 inch 35mm slides can be used
as long as they are "loose" and can be scanned flat.

Do you have a lot of 35mm mounted slides?
See the 35mm Mounted Slide Transfer page for more
information and options for large collections.

Photomontages are great for every occasion: family reunions, birthdays,
engagements, weddings, wedding anniversaries, remembrance ceremonies, bar/bah
mitzvahs, graduations,  class reunions, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Photomontages are $1.00 per photo if a digital CD/DVD is supplied containing your
photographs and includes your customized titles and background music of your
choice. Print photos or 35mm slides which need to be scanned are just $1.50 per
photo.  For an additional $5.00 charge, a CD-R can be ordered of your digitized